Sunday, April 29, 2012

VCQ Celebration....Some Snapshots!

I had a great time at Celebration! at Smith Mountain Lake this weekend....160 ladies (and 1 true gentleman!) enjoying great classes and camraderie at the Virginia Consortium of Quilters biennial retreat.

We had a great time with Bonnie Hunter in her "Smith Mountain Morning" class on Saturday.  Her infectious enthusiasm had us all laughing all day.  I even got some blocks finished:

Friday was spent exploring a new technique (for me) of creating a quilt from a photo.  The class was taught by Annette Kennedy from Colorado, and her quilts were incredible.  Below is a photo of one of her beautiful projects (photo taken with permission):

We worked on a landscape called Rocky Mountain Sunrise; and then got an opportunity to trace one of our own photos to learn the process of taking it from photo to pattern.  I did a tracing of my photo from the Vatican Museum in Rome....a staircase in the shape of a nautilus shell:

It will be interesting to see if I can actually translate this into a finished product.  

Thanks to all the VCQ Celebration team who did a great organizing job.  The weekend went smoothly, classes were well thought out and taught, meals were enjoyable, and all the handouts, quilting notions, and "extras" made for a fun getaway.  The most rewarding experience was visiting with old friends, and meeting new quilting companions. 

I'm glad to be home with my honey, and now I just have to unpack and see what I was doing when I left.  Getting away and letting the creative juices flow in different directions is always inspiring. 

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday,


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Cherie said...

Glad you had a great time!
Wow the staircase doesn't even look real! =D