Thursday, October 31, 2013

Overdue for an Update!

Wow, I haven't posted on my blog in 7 months.  It's not that I haven't been's that I got a smart phone....guess where all my photos have been.  And I've been to lazy to transfer them to my computer and/or learn how to access them from the Cloud.

Time to fix that.

First of all, here is a look at some of my most recent work.  I've gotten into the holiday spirit (early) since Tracey asked me to make here a tree skirt to match her new furniture.  She added a really nice blue to her palate of muted red and greens and I found just the right fabric.  The primary fabric is "Winter Birds" from Timeless Treasures; it was nice working with grays and blues as well as traditional Christmas fabrics on this.

Here's a sweet little Christmas baby quilt from a pre-printed panel and some sashings.  Looks perfect for Paige, don't you think?

I also dug out a Christmas block I won in an exchange several years ago; it is now a soft little pillow for Christmas decorating:

I've got a queen-size quilt started for my girlfriend, Esther.  It is taking shape but it was fun to get "distracted" by some early holiday pieces.

Hope you have a great Halloween tonight....don't let the goblins get you! (I made this pillowcase for my nephew Nicky in Los Angeles, just for a fun "treat")........

See you soon(er).......Kathy