Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Little Beach Time.....

I'm taking time off from some of my projects to spend a little time with my family at the beach; we're here with our granddaughter Maya and her girlfriend, Natalie; our son, Chuck, and his wife, Laura.  Here's what the weather looked like last night:

It poured last night, and the weather turned really cool.  But before the rains came, we had a little sun time in the afternoon, and I got a few good pictures of my granddaughter and her friend on the deck before the rains came:

Natalie on the deck with her awesome sunglasses
Maya Deiss and her loving Nanny sitting on the deck before dinner

Today we spent some time shopping, and finally got home in time for the girls to spend time at the beach; our son and daughter-in-law got in a little beach time, too:

Chuck and Laura on the Beach at Duck

My daughter-in-law, Laura, who is a great photographer, got a really good picture of the late afternoon from our beach house:

Laura's lovely view from our deck in Duck....

Once the girls returned from the beach, Maya was freezing, and asked me for a blanket.  This is what I found in the's a soft, old, well-worn, well-loved log cabin with hand quilting.  I can't believe it was just stuffed up in the closet above our bed..

Of course, even though I'm away from my beloved Bernina, and Guy has left the Gammill "Monster" in the basement, I've always got a few projects to work on.  I brought this sashiko to keep working on.  It's a representation of cherry blossoms for a future wall-hanging for Chuck and Laura; I loved seeing the Cabin Branch Quilters' Guild interpretations of the Cherry Blossoms at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in April.  I've been working on this to incorporate in a wall-hanging for them for some time:

The colors don't show up very well, here, they are many gradations of pink.  I also brought along a little felt, wool, and plaid wall-hanging I've been working on; it's a cute rendition on "Little Lambs"......

I'm a happy camper; I've got my family around me; got some projects to work on; have the inspiration of sun, sand, beach, and a new environment to reinvigorate me.  Life in good here in North Carolina.....we'll be back to the Valley in no time.


Cherie said...

Sometimes its good to take some time off....wish we had a beach around here! =D

Connie said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Enjoy!