Sunday, April 22, 2012

Do you "Sudoku"..and ...Do you "Etsy"....?

I should have known you can't fool quilters.  I had eight comments on my blog yesterday, and all of them guessed the Sudoku pattern for my quilt.  The winner was "Rosmarinus Designs" who said:

"Definitely a Sudoku quilt. And I am guessing the title is the possible number of legal combinations that can be arranged?" 

I'll be sending off my little packge of foundation-pieced Christmas stocking patterns to her this week.

I don't have any photos to post of quilt progress this morning, because I spent most of yesterday hand-sewing on my antique client crazy quilt, and because I opened a shop on can find it here at


Do you "Etsy."  What has been your experience?  Do you have any hints for me?  I just put up a few of my quilts to get started, and am working my way through refining things.  I have gotten so many great hints and ideas from bloggers.....I love the way people are willing to share their experiences and instructions with me.  I really think it's the nature of this community of quilters, who are generous to a fault.

One of the things I really need to work on is my photographs; I tend to want to get things done too quickly, so don't take the time I need to photograph things well...this is probably an area where "done is better than perfect" doesn't always apply.  And I'm sure improving my "tags" would direct traffic better.

We seem to be trying lots of new endeavors lately.  I guess this "reinventing" yourself doesn't really ever have to end, does it?  If mental activity helps fight off dementia, I should be golden....I haven't "thought" so much in years.

Anyway, selling on Etsy is another area where I figure I don't have much to lose, and as Guy says to me (more and more frequently),  "Honey, what are you planning to DO with all these quilts?"

 Check back later.....I hope to have a picture of the antique client quilt to show you....I'm sewing down the binding and tying the individual squares.  This baby is BIG (93" x 93") and HEAVY....wools, velvets, silks, muslin, and backing.  I'm so glad I didn't add any batting to it.

Have a good's gonna' rain all day, I it's a good time to stay in....
and sew.....


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