Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Try it on Tuesdays!

We got a new stand-alone scanner from our kids for Christmas, but you know how time gets away from you.......today I decided I was going to practice with it and transfer some 35mm photos of quilts I made before I had a digital camera.

I had a pile of photos I wanted to scan; I've scanned these before using my HP inkjet but the images just didn't come out correctly. 

It took me 15 minutes to scan 31 images; and I could rotate them, enlarge them, or delete them if I wasn't happy with the image I saw on the screen.  Brought the scanner downstairs to my laptop, plugged it in the USB port, and uploaded the photos to my picture album:

Total elapsed time:  35 minutes.  What's really impressive is the scanner's portability; I can take the scanner to the pictures, instead of trying to balance stuff on the printer, or next to the computer, where there never seems to be enough space....or maybe we're just messy.

Anyway, I thought this was a fun way to "try something new" on Tuesday.  Want to see what other people are trying.  Head over to Jo's Country Junction and link up. 

Have a great day...I'm going to go play with my photos and put them into my Quilt Album software......


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Jo said...

Hey..I am so glad to learn about this. I have a sister that does lots of digital scrap booking. She would love this!