Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sometimes, It Just Doesn't Seem Fair.....

John and my Granddaughter, Brianna, eating crabs
Ed and Brenda, enjoying our Crab Feast
My son has been very ill for many years. John, his best friend since high school, has been totally "there" for him.  He and his wife, Susie, have sheltered him after surgeries for the last several years.  Last summer, we had a wonderful visit with John, Susie, their beautiful children, and his parents, Brenda and Ed, to celebrate Father's Day in Rehobeth Beach.  We had an incredible Crab Feast.  It was so lovely to be treated to good food, family, and friends.  We were surrounded by our children and grandchildren, in Brenda's and Ed's new home.....we celebrated our sons' friendships and their loving care for each other.

Brenda will have surgery for cancer on Tuesday at Sloane-Kettering in New York.  I made a comfort quilt for her to bring her warmth and to remind her of our wonderful time at their seaside a cancer survivor,  I will never forget some of  the trauma associated with this diagnosis...with chemotherapy, radiology, and recovery.  This quilt is winging its way to Delaware to help her with my hopes for the best outcome for her.  Please keep Brenda and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  Just asking for your good wishes.....sometimes, it just doesn't seem fair.....I guess we all do know, that sometimes bad things happen to good people.......




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