Monday, February 27, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I started another color study last week.  I've been wanting to work in gray mixed with solids, so decided to mix pink, purple, lavender, a few coordinating prints, and just "go with the flow."  I made 18-inch, 8-1/2 inch strips out of these:

I had this bundle of Cherrywood Grays in my stash.....don't know what I originally bought these for, but I must have had something in mind.....I think I've had them about 6 years:

 I cut everything into 8 1/2-inch squares, and then into triangles; assembled squares by alternating the triangle strips by descending row, and the grays from left to right and diagonally from light to dark.  I ended up with this:

Now I'm auditioning sashes and borders; I had one darker gray that I think I'll use for sashing, and remembered I had an interesting Fossil Fern that I thought was blue buried somewhere in my "hand-dyed" box.....guess what, it's gray, and I had two different shades.  So this is today's project:

I find I sometimes have to give myself permission to "play", but when I do, I end up having a good time.  My only rule is that I can't agonize over anything too much, and I have to finish within a week; otherwise it becomes a chore and not a "play date." We'll see where this ends up.  You might want to see what's on other design walls today at Patchwork Times.  You can link up and show us what you're working on.  Have a great Monday!


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