Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year for the Blog?

I'm determined to try to get back to blogging; spend lot's of time reading other quilt blogs and it's got me itching to put some structure into my work and progress.  There have been lot's of reasons for NOT adding to this, but time isn't one of them....I'm up almost every morning at 5:00 so if I do a little planning, I think I can get some inputs planned and done several times a week.

I have a lot of potential projects rattling around in my head....but I keep procrastinating because I have one or two unfinished jobs that compete for my own work and I just can't seem to get the motivation to finish them.  Maybe that's one reason that a journal will keep me more focused.  I've got to finish this, for example:

It's an antique string quilt that a client asked me to fix for him; he hated the pink borders, backing and batting.  I took it apart, sewed MANY ripped seams, put on new borders, and hand-tied it from the back.  Now I just have to trim it and finish the binding.  It's big, awkward to handle, slightly wavy, and I'm not as happy with it as I would like.  BUT, it's downstairs looming on my cutting board, and I just have to finish it and deliver it.  Probably about an hour sewing, and two hours hand finishing and it will be done.  Think it's time to put this baby to bed.  I'll give you a picture of the finished product and home the client will be happy.  Then I can clear my mind for other work.  Have a great day......Kathy

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