Monday, January 9, 2012

Talking About it Always Helps!

Well, just talking about the problems with the antique quilt I have been working on got me out of my "paralyzed state" and into action.  Guy helped me get the quilt as "squared" as I could, held the weight of it while I sewed on the satin binding....very slippery.....and I've only got a little more of the binding to sew down and it will be "signed, sealed, delivered" and done! 

Meanwhile, I decided to play a little and worked on Jane's "Christmas" purse......she loved one I made, so we picked out some fabric and I put hers together last Thursday.  What a fun project.....I find that doing little things that can be started and finished in one or two sessions always restores me for the bigger things.  Here's a picture of her's the one on the right.  My purse on the left is the one she fell in love with and begged me for one of her own.  Hey, what are friends for?

My weekend was great.  Our good friends came for the Elvis Birthday Party at Woodstock Cafe where we had a great time, and on Saturday Susie, Peg, and I had a Quilt Party looking at all the quilts I had finished since I last saw them.  Peg fell in love with THREE of them, and promptly bought them.  What a boost for my morale....two crib quilts and an Asian-inspired wall hanging.  Now I know exactly what my next projects will be....I've got to refresh my "inventory."  She bought one of the cheeriest ones in my collection, so I think I'll try to recreate it with another set of little squares.......everything looks so crisp and clean with white sashing, doesn't it.

Well, off to the showers....I've got meetings at the Virginia Quilt Museum this morning to decide on fundraising opportunities for next year.  Have a great Monday!  Kathy

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