Friday, January 27, 2012

Gulf Stream Waters and Summer Breezes!

"Gulf Stream" Quilt Top
New Batik I bought yesterday.....Yummy!
There's nothing like a trip to Florida to inspire new quilting ideas.  Before I left I created my Gulf Stream quilt.  I felt like it still needed something, but wasn't sure exactly what.  Then yesterday, Guy and I finally arrived at Mary Jo's Cloth Store in Gastonia, NC.  If you've been there, you know what an overwhelming experience it is.  If you haven't, well, try to get there sometime.  We spent a 1/2 hour just wandering around, but then I spotted the extra-large batiks table (106").  Not a huge collection, but what they had was incredible.  And then I saw it:  pale blue, turquoise, lime, and cobalt.  Even Guy said "that will be perfect with your new quilt top." I'm not sure exactly how I'll use it....I may expand the original top with another narrow white strip and then finish with this as a border.  Hey, bigger quilts are even better, aren't they? I know it will make an incredible back.  And since I bought 3 yards (9 yards equivalent in 44" fabric), I've got enough to slip this into several quilts.
"Summer Breeze II" by Moda
Early in December, my friend Nancy and I went on a mini "Quilt Shop Hop."  I saw a preview of some gorgeous blues and and florals with white by Moda that really made me swoon.  I've got a thing for blue and evidenced by my baby Birds in the Air quilt I posted about a few days ago.  Well, right before we left for Florida, Margaret and I took a quick trip to Patchwork Plus in Harrisonburg.  Guess what just came in late last month?  Yes, I couldn't resist....more blues and yellows.  Nancy will be getting scraps for her "stash" again, I'm sure, by the time I'm finished.
The picture doesn't do justice to these luscious summer colors.  This is going to be a quilt for our king-size bed; I've made two quilts for it already, but need something light and airy for the summer months.  I just know that these fabrics will brighten up that room on a sunny day......the two yellows from my stash will pair up with them beautifully.

Just working with these fabrics will keep my Florida vacation going!  Summer breezes in mid-winter....... 

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