Thursday, August 18, 2011

Well, It's Been a While......

I decided that I had let this blog linger far too long (a year?).  It's been a busy time for us out here in the Valley.  We've got our Quilted Solutions business humming along (with a few interruptions here and there), and I've gotten far more serious about my piecing and creative aspects of my quilting.  I'm embarassed to say that my husband has become the "expert" on our Gammill; I have to keep getting reminders from him when I go to quilt.  But our dream of having a joint creative enterprise has really turned out well.  We both enjoy having jobs to do each day; somehow it makes our leisure time that much more interesting.  I'm posting some pictures of a few of the quilts we have worked on lately, and will be showing more as time goes on.  Hope to make this a regular habit.  It's tough keeping up with all the options and choices about sharing info, but since I enjoy reading so many other quilt blogs, I decided it was high time to reinvent my own.  Have a great day!

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