Friday, March 23, 2012


I have had a somewhat disjointed week....but I got some things done.

Worked on a client's quilt and got it to a place where I now know what I'm going to do to finish it:

I'm going to add one more row, so it will be a 4 x 4 grid with sashings; I'm also going to have horizontal sashings between the blocks.  I have 6-inch piano sashes for the borders.  It is shaping up really nicely.  I found a gorgeous, subdued burgundy/green/greyish backing that matches up really well with the overall "essence" of this quilt.  It is starting to grow on me; I can "feel" the maker guiding me to make this a contemporary quilt using her beautiful stitching.  And, my client loves my concept, so this is going to be a pretty big (92 x 92) queen-size quilt.

After all my whining and moaning, I finished this last week:

It's my "Sew Red for Women" March was a bit of a pain to put together, but an exercise in patience.  We all need that, don't we? 

Yesterday and today I worked on some more "Little Monkey" blocks (thank you Bonnie Hunter), and I started a Delectable Mountains quilt that is tentatively titled "Massanutten"........all greens...I've been dreaming about an all-green quilt for quite a while to follow tomorrow.

Guy has finished 7 (yes, count them) 7 quilts this week....including my Provence Puzzle quilt.  I had some good inputs from Dianne Moore Quill when she visited here this week, and that solved my "quilter's block" (if writers get writer's block, aren't we allowed to have "quilter's block")?

Binding tomorrow...and Sunday photos to come.  Don't forget tonight is the last time you can leave a comment for my St. Patrick's Day Blog-Hop Party here to leave a comment.

Is the weather strange where you live? I'm in shorts, a T-shirt, and flip-flops.  I feel like May is just around the corner, but we're not even through March yet.  Next week we go to the beach with our granddaughter for a little "spring break".....I was hesitant when I made my reservations, but now I'm stockpiling the sunscreen.

Have a great weekend, kids.  My son and his girl are coming out tomorrow; I think it's BBQ, doors open, and planning the garden (I feel like I'm behind....but the last freeze date in Shenandoah County is still 18 May.....who woulda thunk it)....

Chatty Kathy


My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Yes! I am glad you are adding another row to the Client Crazy Quilt. I like the idea of the sashing in both directions and surrounding the blocks. It is looking good and so is your Sew Red for Women Block.

Chatty Kathy said...

Thanks, I always struggle for a long time before I commit to some of these "antique" tops that I work on; then it all just seems to fall into place. Appreciate your thoughts. Kathy

Cherie said...

Wow that quilt is coming along nicely! I think the sashing will add a great touch!
Love the block!!
Wow 7 you must have been sewing up a storm!!