Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yard Sale Saturday for May!!

I'm linking up with Bonnie Hunter at  her Quiltville blog for another Yard Sale Saturday!  I've got lot's of goodies to share.  Here are the rules.

If you want an item, send me an email at  The first bidder will get that item, and I will try to mark items SOLD as soon as possible after receiving your email.  All prices shown DO NOT include shipping; I will determine shipping costs when the winning bidder is determined and sends me their mailing address.

Payments can be made through personal check, or through my PayPal account.  Shipments will be made when your check is received, or payment is credited by PayPal.  That's about it.....pretty simple, huh?

Here goes:

Item 1.  Quilt-Lover's Favorites from American Patchwork & Quilting.  $12.00   SOLD

There are lots of great patterns in this book; it is spiral bound and stays open easily.  Like many of American Patchwork patterns, there are alternate color-ways shown, as well.  The book retails for $34.95 and is brand was a gift, but I have all of these patterns already.

Item 2.  Wonderful 1-Fabric Quilts by Kay Nickols. $8.50  SOLD

I took a class in this and ended up with two books; fascinating process using striped and patterned material to create new quilt patterns.

Item 3.  Turkish Delights to Applique.  $8.50

A lovely applique book with different motifs by Linda M. Poole  Here's an example of one of the patterns:


Item 4.  Dyeing to Quilt by Joyce Mori and Cynthia Myerberg $8.00  SOLD

This is an extremely informative book about quick direct-dye methods.  Filled with color theory, alternative dye processes.

Item 5.  Family Tree Kit from Keepsake Quilting -  $14.00    SOLD

This kit includes two (2) family tree panels for inking, plus two yards of additional fabric.  Perfect for the quilter who is also into geneaology.  Very nice fabrics.

Item 6.  Pieced and Applique Sampler Quilt (15 blocks). "Piece and Plenty" the Moda U 2007-2008 Mystery Quilt (Block of the Month?) - $15.00  SOLD

Various designers, including Sandy Klop, Edyta Sitar, Minnick & Simpson, Figtree Quilts. Includes patterns for all 15 blocks, as well as the setting patterns for the finished quilt.  A very nice, interesting set.  This is a bargain--essentially a $1.00 a block.  I can see this quilt in bright, cheerful summery colors; or an autumn pallette; I just don't think I'm ever going to get around to doing it, since I have a lot of other samplers I want to do.

Item 7.  Fiesta Vases - 4 Patterns 18" x 24" - Bird of Paradise, Tulips, Iris, and Calla Lilies.  $12.00 for all 4 or $3 each

These are unique and different applique patterns; I finished two of them in batiks; they make lovely wallhangings.  Each "vase" looks like pottery (at least using batiks).  The "Iris" pattern I made is currently on display in one of our local libraries!  I bought these from the designer in Houston about 10 years ago.  The Calla Lilly pattern is missing the color photo, but that shouldn't be a problem with the other references.  Originally these 4 patterns cost $36.00.

Item 8. A BIG box (10 cones) of Rayon Threads (3500 to 5500 yds each) - $ 15.00

These embroidery threads were from a woman who was quitting the professional embroidery business.  Some still in plastic wrap; all in good shape.

Item 9. Three Patterns:  Covered Bridges, Miniatures, and a good-sized wall-hanging called Village Walk.   $4 each or all three for $9  SOLD

Item 10. Folk Art Fantasy by Karen Kay Buckley - $7.00

One of Karen Kay's beautiful applique wall-hangings.  Her work is lovely, and her instructions are awesome.

Item 11.  Garden Medley by Karen Kay Buckley.  $7.00  SOLD

Another one of Karen Kay's beautiful applique designs.  Fairly large pieces, that should go quickly; a great introduction to her applique for someone who is a bit new at the process. 

Item 12. Nancy Crow -- Quilts and Influences.  $15.00  SOLD

This is a beautiful, hard-back, first edition of her 1990 seminal work.  I have found this on Amazon for $12 to $85.  This copy is in excellent condition, filled with incredible color photos and artistic narrative about Nancy's creative process.  A great book. 

A reminder:  if you want one of these items, email me at  You can leave me a comment, but I will not be checking these for bids.  Don't forget to visit Bonnie's blog at to see what other Yard Sale items are out there today. 

Happy shopping!


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