Friday, May 18, 2012

It was a Slow Sewing Week.......

I didn't feel like I got a lot accomplished this week.....the garden (and my husband) beckoned, I did some paperwork for a project, and it seemed like everytime we turned around I had to get in the car and run an errand.  But, on Sunday, I took a "Mother's Day" break and worked on a new little art quilt:

"Sunflowers from Arles"

It's another entry in my "illusion" series.....for lack of a better word.  I took a panel from the sunflower fabric I bought in Arles (in 1999, no less), cut off parts of the flowers, and recreated them in thread.  This time, I used colored threads and Fabrico pens to really bring the full flowers and leaves out into the margins.  I'm pretty happy with it.  I have a summer tablecloth that I made from that fabric, too, so now I actually have a "matched set."

The 12" x 12" construction fits my Tabletopper that arrived this I have a place to display my "little" quilts.

There's something to be said for starting a project on Sunday and finishing it up on Monday.  I did get an entire basket appliqued onto a 22 x 22 batik background (how long has it been since I did that?) and most of the fabrics are cut for the blocks of a jigsaw puzzle quilt I'm working on in patriotic fabrics.

I went to a meeting of the Shenandoah Valley Applique Society on Tuesday, and I'm trying to get back to some handwork.  The next few months in this group are devoted to broderie perse, which will be a new challenge for me.  It's good to change my point of view sometimes.  It seeems to get my creative juices on other projects flowing better.

So.....not a bad week, all told. I need to recognize that small accomplishments that take time are just as valuable as large pieces that go together quickly.

Looking forward to a great, lovely weekend here.  We've got more mulching to do in the garden, a little fertilizing and then.....we wait.......that's how gardens are.

Have a happy Saturday,



Farm Girl in MD said...

That flower is really cool! I love how you used thread to complete the photo!

Cherie said...

That looks amazing! =D