Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunday Funday..

I have had a good few days getting into my sewing room every day and pursuing new ideas.  I seem to be out of my black and white phase and into the "January Blues" phase.  I decided to use my AccuQuilt GO! cutter to thin out some of my blue scraps  (I have boxes and boxes of blue "scraps"). Using 7-1/2 inch scraps, I cut these 6 1/2-inch triangles.

I'm happy with the result. 50 x 64 inches. This will be a nice nap quilt. I found a back for it and it's ready for Guy to put on the quilter. (By the way, about 6 months ago, I spent an afternoon sorting and measuring potential fabric backings and actually WROTE DOWN the measurements and pinned them on the yardage.  Boy, does that making searching for the right size easy.......!)

I've also revisited my Summer Breeze blue/yellow/green collection. Using a disappearing hourglass pattern from Jennie Doan at Missouri Star Quilt Company, I started working on these blocks.  They are started with 10-inch layer cakes and a matching 10-inch neutral.  Jenny has some great video tutorials with some truly interesting block constructions.  I've got a way to go to figure out just how much contrast I can get away with in these blocks, but I'm enjoying the construction process; the pieces fit together so nicely.  I love making what looks like a very complex block from a relatively simple sew/cut/sew/cut/sew process.  Each block takes about 7 minutes and you end up with a 12-inch block....that works for me!  Those are 9 blocks below; not 36.....

I've been trying to finish each day sorting through various boxes and cutting scraps into manageable pieces for future projects.  I'm enjoying the cutter, and my wrist is definitely enjoying a break from rotary cutter pressure. My friend Nancy and I have a "manage your scraps" day planned for Super Bowl's always fun to play with a friend in my sewing room.

Just around sunset last night, there was an awesome rainbow that just "appeared"....there must have been some moisture in the air somewhere.  It's the first rainbow that I can remember where I could see the entire arc.  Unfortunately, my "phone" camera wasn't quite up to the photography challenge, but still, here's an idea of what it looked like...what a pretty end to an enjoyable day.  

Hope you had a good weekend; it's a quiet day out today; not too cold, and sunny.  A perfect day to do some more sewing.  Talk to you soon...


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