Monday, November 4, 2013

Playing Around......or "Monday Fun Day"......

I decided today was a good day to play in my sewing room.  I gave myself "permission" to forget about my "must do" list and did some fun things.
When we were in Richmond this weekend, Tracey told me that Watson, their cat, was very disappointed when they moved him off of the "baby quilt" that she bought from me for a little nephew that's due pretty soon.  I've made lots of quilts for Tracey, but I decided that Watson needed his own...and I knew I had some kitty fabric somewhere.  So this morning, I went digging around in my stash and here's the result:

 We've been around Watson so long that I think it's time we did something nice for him.....he's a pretty cool cat.  Here's a picture of him I took a few months ago in Paper Artist---he deserves his own quilt, don't you think?

Tracey and I had a fun time shopping on Saturday at Quilting Adventures in Richmond. I will probably live to regret this, but I decided to start gathering up fabrics for Bonnie Hunter's annual mystery, which starts around Thanksgiving.  Her theme this year is Celtic Solstice, and you can find all the information about it at

Bonnie used these paint chips to  guide her selections:

The addition of the shamrock fabric is totally mine.....but this fabric is definitely going to find its way into my quilt.  I want to do this quilt primarily in batiks, but I've decided that solids, mottles, and hand-dyes are allowed in, as long as they play well with others.  Here's what I've assembled so far. 

I really like the thought of using primary colors in a quilt for a change.  The only time I tend to stay this bold is when I am doing a children's or baby quilt, and I can imagine that this color palette will be fun to work with if the weather turns dreary in December.  I bought a few 1/2-yard cuts of fabric in Richmond, as well as a few fat quarters, and this morning I started pulling fabrics.  Who KNEW I had so much solid yellow and yellow batik?

I've found a home for these in a storage box, and I can't wait for the first clue to be released on November 29th.  "Easy Street" from last winter's challenge has finally found a home with my niece in Los Angeles......about time. 

Have a great week.....take some time to play.......Kathy

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Laura A said...

No quilt for Pooka or Seven?

(only kidding, if being nice to you is a requirement for a quilt then neither of them deserve one :) )