Monday, December 3, 2012

"Easy Street" Monday Link-Up

Much to my surprise, I made great progress on my "Easy Street" mystery quilt components this weekend.

I had all my strips cut for the grey/black-on-white four patches, but didn't think I had enough variety.  My friend Jo came to my rescue with some scraps, and I was able to finish all of these by last night:

It's easy to "spin seams" sitting in front of the television set; I even taught my husband how to do it......we got this one done...
I started in on my flying geese and couldn't understand why I had so many white triangles.....duh!  Read the directions, Kathy.  I only cut out half of the purple triangles, so it was back to the cutting board.  I have about 36 of the "geese" finished, and know I can get the rest done this week, just running eight or so through the machine every time I sew.  I'm busy sewing my granddaughter's Christmas pillowslips......trying to keep on top of everything.
I even got the black-on-white bricks cut.  Once I finish my geese, I'm anxious for the next step.  Bring it on, Bonnie!
We're getting into the Christmas spirit around here.  Got a few of my Christmas quilts mounted and need to get the wreaths up and the lights outside.
Have a great week,  Kathy




Judy Hansen said...

Your easy street parts are looking good! Love the wreath quilt on the stairs railing. Just beautiful.

Connie said...

All the different fabrics look great and you'll definitely get them all done this week! Your wreath wall hanging is beautiful!

linda smith said...

Your geese look great! So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The wreath is pretty and your geese look lovely.